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Training Courses in New Zealand

Billie Hampton-Edwards was trained in the UK and is now working in New Zealand.

Her courses are very well received.

This is a brief clip from feedback from a July 2012 course.

Overall 5 rated the course excellent and 4 rated it very good.

Finally here are the rest of the comments….

“Very engaging 3 day course which has given me a lot to go away and think about. I really liked the pace of the course as it gave me time to think. Thank you very much!!”

“Thanks for all your hard work Billie!”

“Great review of resource and keen to use this again.”

“Would have liked a little more time practising moving from objectives identified for case study children into looking through teaching manuals and finding my way around manuals generally.”

“Thank you for a fun 3 days! You have the most lovely presentation style! All the best, nga mihi nui “ (warm regards)

“Great presenting Billie, so passionate and enthusiastic.

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New Zealand Course