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Product code: 500

Detailed Test of Comprehension

The Detailed Test of Comprehension consists of 14 tests starting from the understanding of the names of everyday objects and toys (e.g. cup, ball etc) moving on to complex requests with a high level of information to be understood (Put the purse and brick on the floor and give me the plate).

It includes pages for recoding the Picture Test.

Tests are selected on the basis of the individual's result on the Rapid Screening Test. Most children will only work through three or four tests. Detailed instructions for administration are provided in the User Manual.

The Detailed Test of Comprehension also aims at collecting a sample of expressive language, which together with observation in everyday environments and reports from parents and teachers, forms the basis for deciding on initial objectives. The tests include those using the Picture Test Booklet as well as others which use toys and everyday objects. The latter need to be collected by the User. They are not provided with the scheme.

Price is per pack of 10.

Price : £21.00

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