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Training Courses in Australia

Australian Two Day Training Workshops

Courses are run on a regular basis in the Brisbane area.

Please contact Susan Park - if you are interested.

The Derbyshire Language Scheme (DLS) is a developmentally organised and structured language program with linked assessment. This developmental approach to language remediation can be used as the basis for ‘structured teaching to objectives’ or as a checklist of language objectives with all teaching and assessment in free play, or a combination of both methods. It is easy to adapt to TEACCH methodology, Applied Behavioural Analysis, usage with PECS and for ESL learners or other students with language needs.

Janet and Sue are qualified presenters, with 30+ years of experience. They have successfully used the DLS with children diagnosed with delayed and/or disordered language. This scheme is suitable for use with children diagnosed with SLI, ASD, II, HI, PI and learning disorders. “Hands on” practice activities, videos and detailed handouts are included in the presentation. Certification will be provided following the course completion

Course Tutors:-

Janet Eales email:

or Sue Park email:



Australia Course